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The Most Common Issues We Have Been Dealing With 

***Note: This list does not cover all the work performed by our company, but shows which brands we mainly work with and what problems we encounter most often***

Amana Gas Stove – oven doesn’t bake
Amana Range Vent Hood Fan doesn’t work
Amana Refrigerator leaking from the bottom
Amana Electric Dryer – Sensor options doesn’t work
Amana Electric Range – top front right burner doesn’t work
Amana Gas Dryer – no heat
Amana TANDEM Washer shows error code F8 followed by E1
Electrolux Dishwasher leaking from the front right bottom side
Electrolux Dryer won’t spin
Electrolux Washer – water is not coming to the tub
Frigidaire  Refrigerator  – water pipe outside of the fridge is leaking
Frigidaire Dryer – Timer is not advancing
Frigidaire Gas Stove – top burners’ igniters time to time clicking by itself
Frigidaire Dishwasher door doesn’t stay in the right position, but falling down the floor
Fireplace outdoor ‘Savannah Heating’ – stopped working 
Fireplace indoor – Pilot doesn’t work
Garbage disposal (Carburetor) stuck and doesn’t move
GE Dishwasher – it drains water very slowly
GE Dryer – timer doesn’t work
GE Gas Range – oven doesn’t work
GE Refrigerator – Freezer temperature isn’t cold enough
GE Washer – there are stains on the clothes
Jenn-Air Dishwasher doesn’t drain water out
Jenn-Air Refrigerator – Ice maker doesn’t produce ice
Jenn-Air Electric Range – bake element doesn’t work
Jenn-Air Washer –door will not open
Kenmore Dishwasher – buttons Start, Delay, Sani Rinse, Light Wash do not work.
Kenmore Electric Stove – Bake element doesn’t work
Kenmore Elite Refrigerator – compressor doesn’t work
Kenmore Elite Washing Machine – door boot seal has a hole in it and leaks
Kenmore Stackable Dryer – rattling sound right after it is turned on
Kenmore Washing Machine produces scraping sound
Kenmore Washer leaking right after the water turned on
KitchenAid Dishwasher – Child Lock light gets On time to time by itself
KitchenAid Dishwasher – doesn’t  finish cycle and not draining water  completely out
KitchenAid Electric Range ceramic top right side burners stopped working
KitchenAid Gas Range – bake igniter doesn’t ignite
KitchenAid Refrigerator – there is no light in the freezer section and some lights in the refrigeration section do not work as well
KitchenAid Refrigerator with bottom freezer was leaking from the bottom
LG Condensing Dryer – doesn’t  heat, Error code tE3 is shown
LG Dishwasher – AE code is displayed
LG Dishwasher – gets noisy during wash cycle
LG Dishwasher – HE code is displayed
LG Dishwasher – there is smell of burnt wire and it shows LE code
LG Dishwasher – water is not coming to the unit
LG Dishwasher leaks from the bottom
LG Dishwasher lost power even its breaker was on
LG Dryer – it takes too long to get clothes dry
LG Dryer will not shut off unless the door is open
LG Laundry Center  Washer doesn’t drain
LG Refrigerator  – is not defrosted automatically at the right time intervals
LG Refrigerator  – water dispenser and Ice maker do not work
LG Refrigerator – Error Code 1F shown. and Water Dispenser doesn’t work
LG Refrigerator – Ice maker doesn’t work
LG Refrigerator – lights doesn’t work in the refrigeration section
LG Stackable washer – LE code, It doesn’t turn the drum.
LG Washer – is not draining, some noise during wash cycle and Code OE is shown
LG Washer – it is noisy and vibrating
LG Washing Machine – shows Error code tE and leaks
Maytag  Washer – Sensor light coming On and it stops working .
Maytag Dryer – there is no heat
Maytag front load Washer – the drum wasn’t moving even the motor worked
Maytag Norge Electric Oven doesn’t work at all
Maytag Refrigerator – is not cooling at all
Maytag top load washer glass lid got broken
Range hood – Fan and lights over the range do not work
Samsung  Washer – shows  Error Code DC
Samsung  Washing Machine – doesn’t drain and Leaks
Samsung Dishwasher – shows Error code LC which means that leak sensor is detecting moisture or a water leak.
Samsung Double Door Range – main door cannot be open
Samsung Dryer – tumbling noise
Samsung Dryer has no power even the breaker is on
Samsung Dryer makes squeaking noise after couple of minutes
Samsung Dryer stops after 1-2 minutes
Samsung Refrigerator  – Ice Maker doesn’t work
Samsung Refrigerator – Ice maker keeps freezing over and stops working
Samsung Refrigerator – is not cooling
Samsung Refrigerator – right door cannot be properly closed
Samsung Refrigerator – water has bad taste
Savannah Heating outdoor Fireplace stopped working
Whirlpool Dryer with Heat Pump – irregular noise
Whirlpool Laundry Center Washer – cycle is not finished, stops in the middle
Whirlpool Refrigerator leaking from the top freezer into the refrigeration cabinet
Whirlpool Stackable Dryer – Door latch doesn’t work
Whirlpool Washer – doesn’t drain properly


White Rock, BC V4B 5A7

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